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Casting is a soul of any movie. If story demands particular human being, I think you should not compromise with any other who he or she is not fit in to that.


I never visit any casting school but by looking movies and it's success I come to this conclusion.

Casting is an art of person who able to visualize his /her mind with character which is going to act on screen. It is his/her duty to select best performer.


Some good Director in Hindi movie who came up with concept of casting is

V Shantaram , Guru Dutt , Satyajit Ray

Most of the time hindi movie is based on hero and his market value. And then there is no scope for Casting.


I am trying to create my own movie world on my own way and that's why I have full on casting.


Following are my best actors with whom I would like to make movie. If he/she not alive it not make any difference. B'cos they are still live on screen.


V. Shantaram

Guru Dutt


Sanjeev Kumar


Bhagavan Dada

Raj Kumar

Balraj Shahani

Utpal Dutt

Amol Palelkar


Suresh Oberoy

Sammi Kapoor

Deva Anand

Chetan Anand

Vijay Anand

Kishor Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Rushikesh Mukharji


Any way even if you put your putting your best efforts and still movie is not "HIT ON BOX OFFICE" we all know what to say "SAB UPPAR VALE KE HATH ME HAI….."

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