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4th JULY 1998 - SATURDAY

This is first attempt by me to put GUJARATI KAVITA on WEB. I would like to know your idea and also your co-operation to build this page closer to

Our life and close to our GUJARATI SOCITY.

If you are poet or new poet or if you want to know more about YAYAVAR send e-mail and your poem in gif or jpg format


This page updated on month's first week end.

I will try my level best to reply your answer. I am not master of this art but I will try my level best.

I am not like Narmad, Dalpatram, Govardhanram Tripathi, Jhaverchand Meghani, Suresh Dalal, Harkishan Mehta, Harindra Dave, Barakat Virani, Sunya Palanpuri, Mariz , Gani Dahiwala, Ramesh Parekh , Sekhadam Abuwala but let me try my self for my language. If I can do very small work for my GUJARAT for my Language it is my pleasure. And I am very sure GUJARATI LOKO always ready for help.


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