Chirag Jha


Professional Summary

SQL* Forms 3.0 to Forms 4.5




SUN Sparc , Wipor FUSION, Intel Pentium


Sun solaris 2.3, 2.5, Windows 95 / NT 4.0, SCO 5.0, UNIX, Novell 3.12


HTML, Java Script, JAVA, JAVA Studio, Microsoft Front Page, Visual Intradev

Oracle application server 4.0, JBuilder, Active Server Page, XML


ORACLE 7.0, 7.3, SQL Server 6.5, SQL*Forms 3.0, 4.5 , PL/SQL 2.0, SQL*Plus 3.1,

SQL*Report 1.1, 2.5, SQL*Reportwriter 1.1, PRO*C 1.5, SQL*Loader


Cobol, Fortran, C, FoxPro 2.5, SQLPlus


Developer/2000 , Visual Basic


Data warehouse

Red Brick


Professional Experience

Sr. Software Engineer January 99 to Present - Sapphire Software, Inc. Fremont, CA

Internet billing system for Internet Service Provider.

Duties: I am responsible for analysis and design of all the modules for the system. Prototyping on Perl

CGI, Microsoft Active Server Page and JAVA is also included to provide more applicable

E-commerce solution to the customer.

The best combination work out for this project is Java, Oracle and XML technology.

All Billing information is stored in the Oracle 8. Billing, Usage Information, Customer Account Maintenance interface developed by using Java and XML. Portal Infranet Software handled primary functionality for customer management. Limitation of Infranet Software covers with new interface, which developed in JAVA and XML.

System was design in such a way that customer can replace Infranet Software with any other new Billing system.

Also created Oracle database, tables, views, and triggers to store online event process. PL/SQL procedure for batch process and billing generation.


Tools: Oracle 8, Infranet 5.1.1, Netscape WEB server, JRun 2.2, Java 1.1, HTML, XML, CGI, and ASP

Sr. Software Engineer March 98 to January 99 - Sapphire Software, Inc. Fremont, CA

Web based Customer Management and Billing system

Developed web based software Infranet for Portal Software, Inc, Infranet provides registering, tracking, managing and billing Customer. My role is installation of Oracle on different OS like HP-UX, SUN Solaris and Windows NT, creation and configure database, creation of users, Views, Snapshots, providing database access by giving necessary privileges. Providing SQL *Net connectivity. Creation of database tables and triggers to store online event process. PL/SQL procedure for batch process and billing generation.

Network Administration March 98 to Present Sapphire Software Inc. Fremont, CA

Responsible for all Network Administration Activities including:



System Analyst/ Programmer September 1993 to March 1998 Tata Telecom Ltd., India

Tata telecom Ltd. is an ISO certified company involved in manufacturing of switching and transmission equipment. It has collaboration with AT&T, USA.

Responsible for analysis and design of client/server application modules described in detail below.

Used Oracle 7.3 on Solaris platform for database and used Developer 2000 on Windows 95

For GUI development. Performed various DBA duties.



Executive Information System Division March 1997 to March 1998

Duties: I am responsible for analysis and design of all the modules for the system and establishing Client/server application. Creation of Users, Views, Snapshots, providing Database access by Giving necessary privileges.


System provided critical information like Required Material, Consumption, Production, Sales, Finance and Inventory to the top management for business analysis. System also provided information like sales Vs. Targets, Stock status, Production Status, Manpower Calculation, Debtors Analysis, Vendor Rating, Product wise Sales Information. Duties included Create and configure database, creation of Users, Views, and Snapshots, providing Database access by giving necessary privileges. Designing of user friendly GUI based Query, Graph, and Report Forms as needed.




Production Information System Division August 1996 To March 1997


Duties: System study, Design, Development, QA, Query optimization and system implementation

DBA activity.


The production department works as per the production plan. Each system consists of different packages. Before the finished package reaches the finish goods store, It passes through various manufacturing locations. This software module keeps track of all the packages passing through different Manufacturing locations. Thus it provides information about work in progress, first time right calculation, fault analysis up to part per millions levels (PPM) and turn around time.




Marketing Management System Division October 1995 to August 1996


Duties: System study, Design, Development, QA, Query optimization and system implementation.

DBA activity.



The marketing management system (MMS) consists of three major module sales Order processing, invoicing, MIS report. Sales order can be entered, modified, confirmed and amended. Invoicing module

Generate invoice based on customer orders. MIS reports gives the management sales performance of the company. The different features of MMS are copying of an existing order, different unit of measurements, automatic sales tax calculation, automatic adjustment of advances in invoices & generation of sales plan. This module is also integrated with inventory management system. System has a provision for SOC based ordering as per required schedule. It is also integrated with financial accounting system by passing all invoices to sundry debtor's module. This interface avoids duplication of work so that data capture in one of the system is automatically shared with all the other system.




Material Management system Division July 1994 to October 1995


Duties: System study, Design, Development, QA, Query optimization and system implementation


The planning department makes production plans for the fabrication of various products. Based on these plans, the gross and the net requirement of raw materials is calculated. The different processes involved are control table maintenance, Part master maintenance, bill off material maintenance, production plan maintenance, Gross requirement computation and net requirement computation. Gross requirement is calculated on the basis of, orders on hand-forecast. The net requirement is calculated on the basis of gross requirement - available stocks.







Receipts Module September 1993 to June 1994


Duties: System Development and implementation.


This module is a part of inventory management system. It basically deals with all procurement related receipts into the stores. When goods are received goods received note (GRN) is raised. GRN are classified into five types. Local, mass, dummy, sales return and RF - note. PO raised forms the basis of all GRN transactions. On approval of GRN, related stocks and corresponding purchase order is updated.

Through valuation process receipt rate is calculated for each part. This forms the basis of monthly ledger process. Based on feedback from QA department material is accepted or rejected. Ownership of the rejected material is with purchase department. They can either re-work or re-forward the same (RF-Note) or send it back to the vendor (MDA-Rejected). This module warns the user of any excess/shortage in supply as against the delivery schedule of the PO. This helps in inventory control.





Education Qualification

Honors Diploma in Systems Management from - NIIT, India 1993

B.S from Gujarat University , India 1991



Personal Details:


Name : Chirag Jha


Address: 39143 Donner Way

Fremont CA - 94538

Phone : 510-413-4970 ex - 36 (Day Time)

510-745-0160 (Evening Time)